3 ways to Use Images to Enhance Social Media Engagement

3 ways to Use Images to Enhance Social Media Engagement

create-more-engagement-with-visuals-copyLet’s face it,  there can be a considerable amount of “noise” on the landscape of social media. As a marketer, you will need to keep the reality of this potential barrier in mind as you compose your posts and advertisements. Now a days, with a high volume of stimuli competing for the attention of your target audience, creating impactful visuals is imperative.

I believe It is always an effective practice to place yourself in the position of your viewer and try to see things through their eyes. It’s also helpful to think about what attracts you when you navigate through the social media newsfeed. Take note of what other brands are doing that you find visually appealing. Be sure to ask yourself before you create a post “Would I share or engage with this?“.

There are a multitude of ways to be impactful with your social media visuals and you’ll need to decide what type of tactic best represents your brand. Here are 3 ways you can use images to encourage more engagement with your followers when you are posting on social media:

The Human Element-Social media users, especially those using Facebook, like to see the people behind the brand not just the product. Highlighting customers enjoying your product, employees in the midst of their workday or featuring someone doing good deed in your community all have a draw for the Facebook follower. Followers will especially be more likely to engage with the post if they recognize and/or know the person featured in the image.

A View from Behind the Scene-We all like to know what goes on behind the scene of our favorite brands. Providing a snapshot of the process behind creating a product makes followers feel like they are part of an exclusive club. It can also serve the purpose of educating and/or informing your followers about the process of bringing your product or service to market. It’s a great way to add value in a visual manner.

Use Humor-In addition to staying informed about what’s going on with friends, family and brands, social media users turn to social media to be entertained. Using humor is just another way to add value to a follower’s social media experience. Posts with high entertainment value, gets shared. Depending on your brand or industry, there might be a plethora of funny images you can use but feel free to get creative and design your own.

Of course,  the social media tactics that you decide to use will depend on other factors as well. Some platforms will require you to facilitate a more visual approach than others. And in some cases, featuring the copy or “story” will be the emphasis of a particular post. The different types of posting tactics work together to create a well-rounded social media mix. You’ll have to ascertain what type of strategy and post-type mix works best for your audience and  goals.


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