Is This Like-able?

Is This Like-able?

like-allI believe a common mistake amongst brands is that when they are creating and posting content on Facebook, they forget to wear their “Facebook user” hat. It is understandable from a brand standpoint to be enthusiastic about promoting and sharing information about products and/or services, but the interest level and “value” of content from the eyes of the reader needs to be taken into consideration.

As content developers we need to frequently ask ourselves this question… “Would someone like, share and/or comment on this post?”. That question should help social media marketers to step out from behind the brand and think more like a user.

People use Facebook to be social and not to be sold to. They want to connect with friends and family, see what they are up to, share pictures/video and so forth. It has a personal vibe. People go to Facebook to see and share things they think are funny, interesting, important, inspiring, moving and useful. It is important to remember this when you are deciding whether Facebook is the right platform for your business. How will you as a brand interface with your audience in a manner that interests and engages them?

For those of you who don’t use Facebook personally, I would recommend spending a little time looking at what type of content people are sharing and responding to. Try to get into the mindset of your target customer. Take the time to understand who your customer is, what their interests are and how they are using social media.

To be successful on Facebook, posting should be varied to maintain the interest of your audience. Your followers have given you permission to market to them but don’t misinterpret what that means. Reward your followers with interesting and valuable content. They’ll be much more likely to engage with your post and remain loyal to your brand.