Yearly Archive September 21, 2016

5 tips That Can Enhance Your Print Advertisement

your-ad-here-copyWhen designing a print advertisement, as well as any marketing tactic you are implementing, it is important to think about your objectives from a holistic perspective. Not considering what factors contribute to the creation of a successful ad could result in underutilizing your resources and efforts. It is a good practice in any type of communication to see things through the eyes of your target audience. Depending on what mode of advertising you are using to deliver your message, you’ll need to hone in on the specifics to that particular medium and ascertain what will be most effective to meet your goals.

  1. Less is More
    Don’t pack your ad with loads of copy and burden your viewers with the responsibility to decipher what your ad is about. Be concise with your message as there can be many ads competing for your audience’s eye. Determine what is necessary to draw them in and take action.
  2. Chose Your Graphics and Headline Wisely
    These two factors will bear the responsibility of capturing the attention of your viewer. What problem are you solving for them? What are you offering? Think about what resonates with the reader and make sure your imagery and headline speaks to them.
  3. Have a Specific Objective
    Your advertisement should designed with a particular goal in mind. What action do you want the viewer to take? Decide what that is and make sure that it is evident. This will also help to establish metrics to determine if your advertisement helped reach your goal.
  4. Design for the Ad Environment
    Consider the landscape of the ad medium you are using. There are many factors to consider here. The colors you choose may depend on whether your ad is in a newspaper or a magazine. If the medium has a particular niche, make sure you find the right balance of integrating in but standing out.
  5. Build an Ongoing Relationship
    Promote opportunities for the viewer to continue to connect and engage with your brand. Include a QR code that scans to your website, include an incentive to sign up for your newsletter and encourage viewers to follow you on social media.

Once you master a few basic key elements in your ad design, you will find that you get a lot more leverage out of your ads.