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Facebook Reach Decline-3 Tips to Help You Survive

Facebook’s culture is primarily comprised of personal interactions. Users utilize the platform as a means to stay connected with friends and family. They also respond favorably to content that adds some form of value for them. Posts that educate, entertain, inspire or provide helpful tips fit appropriately into the niche of this social platform.

Because Facebook’s mission is to create a more user-friendly experience, they will be more likely to show “value-added” content in the newsfeed. This is great for users but does provide some challenges for marketers. Remember, people are not on Facebook to be sold to. If the majority of your posts are promotion-oriented, it could negatively impact your reach. For your brand to thrive, you’ll need to determine how you can align yourself with these values and the ever-changing environment of Facebook.

Now, with Facebook’s increased efforts to drive more conversation in the newsfeed, engaging content is more pertinent as ever. As it has been in the past, Facebook is looking for more than a post like from its users. Posts that ignite conversation- that motivates users to contribute with a more “thought out” response will fare better with reach than posts that merely elicit a like or no response at all. As a consequence to not getting engagement with comments from viewers, the reach of your posts have the potential to decline.

It seems obvious, but providing valuable content is more…valuable. There is no substitute for it. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t post fun or frivolous content, but you shouldn’t rely on it as the backbone of your social marketing strategy.

What you put in, in essence, is what you’ll get out of it. If you create insightful, thought-provoking content, you’ll be more likely to encourage more engaged comments. Conversely, if your posts don’t carry much weight, the comments, if any, will be comparable and your post reach can suffer.

With a trend of users becoming more “passive” on Facebook, getting a response will pose a challenge. This, however, gives marketers the opportunity to provide followers with meaningful content they really care about. It’s up to you to decide what that is and how to engage your audience.

Though there are many unique ways to get your followers engaged with your brand, Here are 3 examples of content your customers might enjoy:

1. Tell Your Unique Story

Is there an interesting story about how your business got started? Customers are always interested in how their favorite brands came to be. Any content that shares the “behind the scenes” perspective generates interest from loyal followers.

2. Profile An Employee

People like to read about people. It totally humanizes a brand. Plus, acknowledging the great service and work of an employee conveys a powerful message about your business. It shows that you value your employees and that you care about the people behind the scene. This has greater impact if your employees interact with customers and are recognizable on Facebook.

3. Thank Your Customers

Like acknowledging employees, showing that you appreciate and value your customers, goes a long way, especially if it’s coming directly from the owner. A short video with a heart-felt message will endear followers to your post and your brand.

Like previously stated, these are just a few content rich post ideas that have the potential to engage your viewers. As a business, you can explore what types of content customers would enjoy and benefit from reading.