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Valentine’s Day Advertisement Radio Commercial
Sweet Expressions-Canandaigua, NY

Walk through the doors of Sweet Expressions in downtown Canandaigua and step into a chocolate lover’s paradise. Let the sweet smell of decadent chocolate welcome you and delight your senses as you discover the finest selection of chocolates and gourmet foods around.

Sample one of our many mouthwatering chocolates and experience a divine symphony of textures and flavors. Let the smooth and creamy chocolate melt in your mouth down to a rich, delicious center of chewy caramels, velvety creams or crunchy nuts.

With Valentine’s Day chocolates being poured daily, you can find a unique Valentine sweet to capture the heart of someone special. Sweet Expressions custom designs gift baskets that are as sweet to give as they are to receive. We offer delivery around the corner and around the world. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the gift of love and friendship with a gift from the area’s sweetest temptation.


The Inspirational Entrepreneur Spotlight
with Tamara Stopinski of Talulah’s Fancy

Talulah’s Fancy, an original and exclusive collection of innovative designs, is the creation of artist and entrepreneur Tamara Stopinski. Her work, which entails a stylish and eclectic line of hand-made jewelry, handbags, and women’s accessories, reflects the joyful essence of her free spirit and creative vision.

Among many elements that make her artwork unique, Tamara incorporates her enthusiasm for preserving the environment with the use of recycled materials. Treasures, appreciated for their unlimited possibilities, are unearthed and revived. What’s old becomes new and conventional items are redefined for an imaginative yet practical purpose. Ties that once adorned a neck become handbag handles that drape over a shoulder. Former pants pockets become purse pockets. Embellishments such as buttons, silk flowers, lace and tassels compose together in a fanciful reinvention.


Victor Yoga Studio Website Content

The Victor Yoga Studio, nestled within the heart of the Village of Victor, offers a variety of yoga classes as well as workshops promoting holistic health and wellness. The studio, with its simple yet aesthetic appeal, creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where even newcomers can feel welcomed and at home.

Many elements synchronize and cohesively integrate together to create a space appropriate for your practice …warm inviting colors…beautiful hardwood floors and brick accent walls…yoga inspired artwork…as well as instructors who are passionate about sharing the gift of yoga. A resource library is also available where you can sit and read or borrow a book to read at your leisure.

As our offerings continue to grow and expand, you will find classes that enhance a healthy lifestyle. Currently you will find workshops on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, the Creative Arts and Healing, Meditation, and specialty yoga classes such as kids yoga, donation based karma yoga, yoga for back care and more.

We welcome you to join us for a free class to experience the studio and our teachers. The mission of the Victor Yoga Studio is to continue to support the community with a well balanced menu of offerings, to promote health and healing and to encourage an open environment for joining people together.


The Inspirational Entrepreneur Spotlight
with Julie Franzese of The Happy Life Academy

The Happy Life Academy wants you to learn how life REALLY works and to find true, sustained happiness beyond what you thought was possible. Its mission, upheld and advocated by founder Julie Franzese, is to help us let go of limiting paradigms or beliefs that keep us from the abundant joy we desire. The process helps you to set goals that best serve you and enables you to live more authentically. It’s about understanding the laws of the universe, which are not as visibly apparent, yet are as real as the law of gravity. “When we don’t understand these laws”, she explains, “we often work against them and life feels harder than it needs to be.”

I arrive at Julie’s house right on time. She greets me at the front door with a smile and welcoming gesture. It has been at least eight to nine years since we’ve been face to face. Her commitment to a lifestyle of health and wellness is evident as she looks exactly the same…but perhaps even more radiant than when I saw her last.

Sitting at her dining room table she opens the discussion, describing her vision and how it relates to her business and its objectives. I sit. I listen…enjoying a cup of hot water with lemon that sooths me from the inside out.

Talking to Julie is like doing an hour of deep meditation…I am relaxed, centered and completely at ease. Her poised and eloquent manner of speaking is infused with warmth and calming tones. If I could listen to her voice and her beautiful words just before bedtime, I’d be guaranteed a peaceful night of sleep.

Julie is well versed in spiritual methodology and new age philosophy. She speaks deliberately and succinctly about the importance of creating a clear positive image of what you choose to manifest. This is a key element in her ideology. One of my favorite things that Julie shares during our conversation is a quote from actress and author Nancy Berggren who hoped that others would “see their potential” in her reality. I love this concept and I believe it is instrumental in inspiring others with your success.


The Inspirational Entrepreneur Spotlight
with Artist Amy Colburn

There is one thing that has always impressed me about Amy Colburn and that is she exudes self confidence. Of course, there are many other wonderful attributes that she embodies but I draw attention to her confidence because I believe that self-confidence is a conduit to expressing our artist voice. With confidence you are willing to unabashedly shine your light and share your gifts with the world around you. The world is a prettier place, I might add, because she does.

In homes and businesses throughout Rochester and the Finger Lakes area , you’ll find Amy Colburn Illustrations adorning walls, furnishing and beyond. Her paintings transform the ordinary into an imaginative story…an idea first birthed in the mind of the client and then manifested through her hands to create naturalistic imagery. When I see Amy’s work, I want to ease inside… sip some tea and enjoy the scenery for a while. It seems like such a happy place to be. What attracts me (as well as many others, I’m sure) to her illustrations is that they are imbued with her love for life and the celebration of its simple pleasures. Her art reflects natural beauty and joyful being.

Recently Amy and three other local artists were featured in Where Women Create, a national publication that showcases artists and their creative spaces. Reading Amy’s article, I am bustling with admiration and excitement. Having the good fortune of attracting a mentor early on, Amy learns valuable lessons about developing a viable business. She shares the positive impact that it had on her evolving not only as an artist, but as a smart business woman.


Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

As we look forward to the debut of our new community guide, the membership and marketing committee continues its preparation and has the ball rolling fast. Recipients of our guide will soon be able to enjoy a well-rounded perspective of all the great things Canandaigua has to offer. As we zero in on each area of its production, we are developing and creating topics of interest that will be featured on various pages.

Much of the guide will entail editorial and Canandaigua landmark photography. Topics will highlight business and industry, tourism, shopping, dining and entertainment, recreation, education, health care and much more. To fully capture the unique essence of Canandaigua, incorporating its richness in history and scenic beauty, the committee has been in the process of researching, collecting and editing editorial content and photography to determine what best represents our area.

Local community members have graciously contributed their support to this project by providing their editorial perspectives and photographs. With all of the generated community interest and concentrated efforts on its extensive distribution, this engaging publication will soon be in the hands of many current and prospective community members and businesses. This is an incredible opportunity for our Chamber members to showcase their business.